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23 July 2008 @ 07:07 pm
Okay,now i have free till monday.Today i let my hair cut ,iam ready for the Gothic festival at waregem,not that i am looking forward like Maschinenfest and Forms of Hands. But it wil be nice too nice people and some nice bands.

Friday 25th of July '08

Main Stage:

13h45 - 14h25 Psyche
(special opening-act)
15h25 - 16h10 Elusive
17h10 - 18h05 [:SITD:]
19h05 - 20h10 Crüxshadows
21h20 - 22h25 Clan of Xymox
23h40 - 01h00 VNV Nation
exclusive BENELUX festival show

Club Stage:

13h00 - 13h35 Dolls of Pain
14h35 - 15h15 Pressure Control
16h20 - 17h00 Reaper
18h15 - 18h55 32Crash
20h20 - 21h10 Fixmer / McCarthy
22h35 - 23h30 Absolute Body Control

Saturday 26th of July '08

Main Stage:

13h45 - 14h20 Stin Scatzor
15h20 - 16h00 Spetsnaz
17h05 - 18h00 Combichrist
19h10 - 20h15 Les Tambours du Bronx
21h30 - 22h30 Suicide Commando
23h45 - 01h00 Fields of the Nephilim

Club Stage:

13h00 - 13h35 Empusae
14h30 - 15h10 Jesus and the Gurus
16h10 - 16h55 Spectra*Paris
feat. Elena Alice Fossi, co-leader of Kirlian Camera
18h10 - 19h00 In Slaughter Natives
20h25 - 21h20 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
22h40 - 23h35 Sonar

Sunday 27th of July '08

Main Stage:

13h45 - 14h25 DIN[A]TOD
15h25 - 16h10 Collection d'Arnell-Andrea
17h15 - 18h05 Garden of Delight
19h15 - 20h15 Trisomie 21
21h25 - 22h25 The Neon Judgement
plays '1981-1984' - exclusive Festival show for 2008
23h40 - 01h00 Anne Clark

Club Stage:

13h00 - 13h35 De Volanges
14h35 - 15h15 Joy Disaster
16h20 - 17h05 Madre Del Vizio
18h15 - 19h05 Cinema Strange
20h25 - 21h15 Das Ich
22h35 - 23h30 Qntal
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(Anonymous) on July 24th, 2008 10:16 am (UTC)
Het programma ziet er oopzich best leuk uit,maar aangezien er ook nog een Summer Dorkness voor de deur staat ga ik daar wel ff een kijkje nemen.
Ben er zo ie zo met de Noize-industrial-night op zaterdag met: Monokrom,Synapscape en 100 x bloemschikken. ha!

Have fun komend weekend!!
Roger__roger on July 24th, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)
Sorry was vergeten in te loggen... ;)

Enjopy!! :)
Connexion Bizarreconnexion on October 13th, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
So I found online the pictures you were taking at MF (http://lh4.ggpht.com/Spezialkrafte.christiaan/SO90MdknghI/AAAAAAAAARM/TCyG1Xq5nIQ/s512/SSA41310.JPG, me being on the right). And added you on LJ, cheers!